Computer crashes when updating to sp2

I have been a regular user of Skype for several years.In the last few months Skype has started crashing more and more regularly, until now it happens every time I try to make a call. I have done a lot of Googling on this, and while it appears to be a very common problem, particularly for people running Windows 7, none of the suggested solutions has worked for me.If you’re having problems with Office 2016 for Mac especially Outlook 2016 crashes, Word 2016 crashing and El Capitan OS X 10.11 issues or Office 2016 crashing in Sierra, here’s how to fix and repair Office 2016 on Mac.If you need a quick fix or are in a hurry, remember that if you’ve got an Office 365 for Mac subscription, you can use the online version of Office 2016 until you’ve managed to fix the desktop version of Office 2016 on your Mac.It is an important upgrade and should be installed on all Windows XP computers.

Microsoft has already issued fixes for some of these via Microsoft Auto Update for Mac so we recommend you run that first by opening any Microsoft Office program, going to the Help Menu at the top of the screen and selecting “Check for Updates”.

It adds an additional toolbar to IE’s standard set and integrates tightly with IE to provide its password capture and filling features.

If an add-on causes a crash, it will be reported as having happened in Internet Explorer.

However, due to the general tightening of security, there is the potential that some security measures interfere with special functions you had been using on your computer, and you may have to loosen some security settings accordingly.

Given the complexity of some Windows XP installations, there is also always some potential for some other defect to show up.