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In his spare time, he’s a session/touring musician for people like Beck, Aimee Mann and Glen Campbell (! All involved were part of the Pop Underground scene, a term which still makes me gag a little when typing, but basically involves a more melodically complex approach to ’70s power-pop à la Big Star.

Unfortunately, college radio preferred the Elephant 6 collective for their pop needs, which means I’ll have to keep insisting is some kind of genius missing link.

Fill arms and thighs , then they roll their eyes paperboard Their skin never gets old.

Sadder still to report that—although suddenly there’s a plethora of great albums being released (or, more accurately, that I’m finally catching up with)—what’s rocked my world most of late is Jellyfish’s 1993 album , which sounds like the punchline to some kind of prototypical record-snob joke about obscure bands with horrible names.

In fact, I was sometimes reminded of Aphex Twin's 'Selected Ambient Works Volume 1', or of Boards of Canada during their more upbeat, melodic moments - especially because of their similar use of vocal samples.

Not that there's anything wrong with that at all, just, as I said, not quite what I was expecting!

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