Dating a newly recovered alcoholic

The good news, Ross says, is that not drinking makes it a lot easier for them to really pay attention to your needs and wants as well. Examples include certain friends, old hangouts, holidays, and even little things like music or liquor ads. "Alcohol lowers inhibitions, so it changes who people will have sex with, why they have sex, and what sex acts they will do," Shuey says.

Shuey recommends discussing what your partner's worst triggers are so you can help avoid them. It might feel a little awkward at first—especially if you've been in the relationship for awhile—but before you hit the sheets, you 8. Shuey recommends being cautious in conversations with others—whether your partner wants to discuss their sobriety or not should be up to them.

Most counselors will counsel you against getting involved in a relationship (or making any major life decisions) so early on in your sobriety.

You need to be thinking about the adjustments YOU need in YOUR life while you're learning how not to spend time drinking.

This happens because recovery from addiction is necessarily a selfish thing.

Following this advice isn’t on the agenda of most newly sober individuals though.

This is pertinent to me ( day 15 ) but this isn't about me. I admit that I've chosen this path for less than noble reasons.

Say he/she has a stable job, nice house, nice personality as far as you can tell, would this make any difference. Brutal honesty in real life vs online dating sites. Especially online since one wrong thing said can put you on the not to be considered list, and being an alcoholic is a biggie to most people for sure.

Those who don't have one are lonely and wish that they had someone to share their life with.

The most common complaints of recovering people concern their close relationships.