Dating tips long distance relationships

The main thing that keeps our long-distance relationship going, is love!If you love each other, you are willing to make it work.Make a plan for how often you'll see each other - will you alternate weekends at each other's or could you meet up at a midway point?Having a set routine and plans to look forward to will make it easier to adjust to the time that you're apart.My boyfriend and I both have hearing loss, but we’ve had a successful relationship for for nearly 3 ½ years now!

Before you head off on your separate adventures make sure to talk to each other about what the change is going to involve, how you're going to adapt to it and what your expectations are.About 80% of our communication is non-verbal and if you don’t see each other you will be missing out on communicating in this important way.During those times apart it is important to communicate regularly.Patience, trust and honestly are also important factors in any relationship.The best thing to do is to have a date pre-planned for the next time you meet, before you say goodbye to each other.