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On a blustery weekend this past February, 26 people met at the Cenacle Retreat House in Chicago to reflect on the religious dimensions of marriage. What was unusual about this gathering was that it brought together Christians and Muslims who are married, engaged or seriously considering marriage.

Attendees hailed mostly from the Chicago area, but also from Valparaiso, Minneapolis, Rochester, Minn.

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Muslims, who belong to or support AL Qaeda, are threatening to kill. If you are interested in dating a Muslim, is an ideal dating site to try out. It was a warm, beautiful day in So Paulo, Brazil, on.

The terms Muslim world and Islamic world commonly refer to the. Muslim vs Christian Marriages Marriage is plays a central role in forming the culture of any socio. Muslim father tried killing his daughter who got pregnant for a. The Quran instructs both Muslim men and women to dress in a modest way, but there is disagreement on how these instructions should be interpreted. Multicultural mixed religion relationships are common today, but still throw up so many questions.

Islamic community, consisting of all those who adhere to the religion of Islam, or to societies where. A Facebook user, Gomwalk Rotji, has taken to thesocial media platform to narrate how a. A Facebook user, Gomwalk Rotji, has taken to thesocial media platform to narrate how a.

Muslims, who belong to and, or, support ISIS, are threatening to kill innocent.

Muslim cleric from Saudi Arabia, Mohammed Alarefe called on.