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Since his time certain dates of events have been modified ( dates that were unknown in his time ) since his this Pharaoh the next three pharaohs considered the worship of one god compared to many gods.

Many scholars believe this is because of the God of the Hebrews humbling the many gods of Egypt.

after being released from his exile in Patmos, John spent his closing days, in the collecting and forming of those writings we call the New Testament.ppointed as head of the catechetical school of Alexandria, Egypt.

In the centerof the mapis an eyelet, c, and into the opening (through the eyelet, c),isput the lower end, d, of the pin, a, so that these indicating arms have two movements, amovement one on the other and one or both together around the center of the map, and may be detached at pleasure from the map if so desired, and are also made easily removable by simply lifting the pin, d, out of the eyelet c.

may not be and are virtually impossibly to look up on charts like the above without more info.

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These circular lines are indicated by the letter, G'.

On the face of the map are circular lines from the center or north pole to ninety degrees south representing the latitudes of the earth, both north and south of the equator.