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Original director Julie Taymor's fingerprints are still evident, but now the focus is where it should be: On Peter Parker (Reeve Carney), the nerdy teen turned web-slinger, who must juggle his sweetheart Mary Jane (Jennifer Damiano) and nemesis Green Goblin (Patrick Page).

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Bono and the Edge wanted a band because they come from a band. Another insider adds that "Ashley has been pining after Reeve for a long time.She's super close with Reeve's family and loves spending time with Paris, his sister, when they're both in L." So she had me audition for , and I ended up getting that park. You can get "Rise Above" (featuring Bono), and Carney's Mr. Based on my work with her in that film, she thought I might be a good candidate to play Peter Parker.

Reeve carney and jennifer damiano dating